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João, 20, Porto, Portugal

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im drawing some sketches for a tattoo, it still needs a lot of changes till i find it perfect…ignore all those circles, they are just for guiding, and i dont like those little petals coming from the second ring..ouh and the quality is blurry and shitty, that’s my scanner’s fault ! 
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bitches squirting
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i cant even describe..
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last year, on the beach, badass, blurry as fuck
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I never really remember my dreams

but this time i remember. I was getting ready for my first concert (which is good cuz i dont have a band) and i was really worried about finding a spiderman costume for it (still dont know why). Then i couldnt find a mask and someone told me to go to Firenze to get one. I got there to find ezio auditore, who actually was the only one that could give me one (only god knows why), and then i got stuck in a fight with the assassins and got a knife in my neck(which i really felt). Then i woke up.
It is really rare for me to remember my dreams, and when i do it makes all this sense. My brain is full of fuck…

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just me
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Carnival 2012 @ Ovar
The Force is strong with this one, fuck the popo  ahah !
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Every day i see people complaining about not being loved, about how hard it is to be rejected, or how much they want to ignore, forget or erase someone. I feel exactly the opposite, i mean, i wish i could fall for someone, even if i was going to get rejected or ignored. Because i’ve been there too and at least at that time i felt something. Now it’s like every relationship loses it’s colour. I miss feeling anything at all for someone. And it’s strange, im not socially awkward, ive never been the forever alone type, im always hanging out with people and meeting new people, actually some of them are pretty interesting…but i just can’t feel that magic anymore, to be “in love” with someone, to fight or to try to please someone, going to sleep and keep thinking about that person and how i would be happy with her…And im not sad, i love life, but it is really frustrating sometimes, to feel this empty. I would prefer to be hurt(in love of course) just for the sake of feeling. And the worst of all is not intentionally getting people to fall for you, and ending up telling them that you are “not able to feel the same”

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i found this haha its me a year ago i think
playing with photoshop